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Lei Yun Shang Healthcare Products Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Lei Yun Shang Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Leiyunshang Group. Its predecessor was Ginseng and Pilose Antler Business Division of Leiyunshang Group.

Since its establishment, Suzhou Lei Yun Shang Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. has always followed the ancestral motto of Leiyunshang Group - “keeping up the prestige with choice of authentic medicinal herbs, following the principle of making the quality pill, pulvis, emplastrum and unguentum, pellet”. On the basis of inheriting tradition, the company selects high-quality homologous materials of medicine and food, combines traditional with modern technique advantages, develops a series of healthcare products with Lei Yun Shang characteristics by relying on healthcare prescription of Lei Yun Shang which has been verified for 100 years. The company has won the honor titles such as provincial “excellent enterprise” in 2016 and “healthy Chinese leading enterprise” in 2018. While making brilliant achievements, the company promotes the win-win model of Lianman, integrates the front-line resources of planning company, category innovation, marketing mode and high-end media, and launches a new campaign of health preservation of Lei Yun Shang in an all-round way under the slogan of “cooperation, intelligence and brand integration, alliance, linkage and joint marketing”.

Suzhou Lei Yun Shang Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise of all-round development dominated by the high-tech, and its products include nourishments from ginseng and pilose antler: cordyceps sinensis, pilose antler, sea cucumber, cubilose, dendrobium candidum, wild ginseng, American ginseng, stigma croci, ganoderma lucidum, ganoderma lucidum spore powder, American ginseng powder, pseudo-ginseng powder and flower tea series; healthcare food: oral liquid of dendrobium candidum, ginseng and fructus lycii, piece of dendrobium candidum, ginseng and root of kudzu vine, piece of pseudo-ginseng, ganoderma lucidum and root of kudzu vine, broken spore ganoderma lucidum powder, ultrafine pearl powder (capsule); health food: donkey-hide gelatin cake, throat lozenge, brown sugar, ginger and jujube tea, red bean and pearl barley powder, tartary buckwheat tea, Ganleyin, rose cubilose, healthcare herbal paste series, confinement cream formula series, health yellow rice wine, decoction pieces and other relevant varieties. Its product varieties cover the market in an all-round way.

In the future, Suzhou Lei Yun Shang Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. will continue to shoulder Leiyunshang Group’s mission of “gathering all kinds of medicinal herbs to benefit thousands of people”, realize Leiyunshang Group’s brand strategy, improve the influence of Leiyunshang Group’s healthcare products in domestic and foreign markets, promote Chinese medicine culture, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, and work hard for the traditional healthcare cause in China!

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