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Suzhou Lei Yun Shang Wumen Chinese Medicine Hospital Co., Ltd.

Invested by Leiyunshang Group, Suzhou Lei Yun Shang Wumen Chinese Medicine Hospital Co., Ltd is located at No. 190 Jiqing Street, Xumen Scenic Area, Suzhou Ancient City, covering an area of over 2,000 square meters. As a service platform for inheritance and development of the Wumen Medical School, Lei Yun Shang Chinese Medicine Hospital adheres to the business philosophy of Lei Yun Shang “gathering all kinds of medicinal herbs to benefit thousands of people” and sticks to the development strategy of “famous doctor + famous medicine + famous hospital”.

Lei Yun Shang Chinese Medicine Hospital sets up basic departments such as Internal Medicine Department, Gynecology Department of TCM, specially sets up the Expert Studio of TCM Department (Bone Facture, Tumor, Endocrine, Digestion, Pediatrics, etc.), integrating the advantages of acupuncture and massage, and carrying out the special outpatient service of sticking to acupuncture points in hot summer days and cream formula in winter. The company has an expert team of domestic prestigious Chinese physicians, and provides one-on-one exclusive services from prestigious Chinese physician in the Wu Medical School. At the same time, the company creates a unique health platform of Lei Yun Shang based on the unique Chinese medicine theory of Lei Yun Shang relying on modern Chinese medicine resources, so as to provide systematic solutions to the health problems of the patients.

As the designated unit of Suzhou Medical Insurance, Lei Yun Shang Chinese Medicine Hospital provides a high-quality medical experience for the general public with more convenient appointments, more detailed inquiry and more intimate services:

Lining up is not necessary for appointment with an expert - specially invited famous doctors are on duty and the diagnosis is more accurate
The doctors diagnose the patients more attentively with door closed - one-on-one exclusive services are provided, with more detailed inquiries
All-round patient service - comfortable and warm environment is provided in treatment, and one-stop medical treatment process is specified, saving time and effort, free from worry, convenient and efficient

The geo-authentic crude drugs are exquisite - the skilled pharmaceutical workers strictly control the quality, and it is ensured that each medicinal material is top grade

As a Chinese medicine culture exhibition and experience base and a social practice experience station for minors in Suzhou, Lei Yun Shang Chinese Medicine Hospital actively participates in social welfare and carries out a series of activities to integrate traditional Chinese medicine health culture into every family and promote the national health. By exploring the Chinese traditional culture, Wu area culture, Chinese medicine culture and Lei Yun Shang culture, the history, development process of Chinese medicine and the traditional skills and culture of Lei Yun Shang are displayed on the cultural corridor, waiting area and exhibition hall. The Chinese medicine culture is studied and inherited in experience and perception, and core values are perceived and recognized.

Lei Yun Shang Chinese Medicine Hospital, with the tenet of “benevolent heart, honest way, authentic and quality medicine”, provides patients with quality, thoughtful, convenient, efficient, warm special service of health care, focuses on customer experience, slices, powders and encapsulates the ginseng and pilose antler products for the members, provides convenient services such as medicinal liquor and pill of Chinese medicine production, boiling of Chinese medicine, stewing of herbal paste, home delivery, meets the needs of customers with unique product quality and excellent service. It makes diagnosis and treatment services of Chinese medicine unique therefrom.

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