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Suzhou LEI YUN SHANG Chain Pharmacy Co., Ltd

In the 12th year of Emperor Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty (1734), Lei Dasheng, a famous doctor of the Wu Medical School, opened the ancient pharmacy of Songfentang at Changmen Gate in Suzhou, i.e. Lei Yun Shang. In the 24th year of Emperor Qianlong (1759), the tribute Scroll of Prosperous Suzhou included Songfentang Pharmacy founded by Lei Yunshang and showed the prosperity of Lei Yun Shang. In recent years, Lei Yun Shang has won many honors such as China time-honored brand, national intangible cultural heritage, and Chinese well-known trademark. In 2010, it was included as one of the four special stamps of the Chinese Medicine Pharmacy Groups.

Suzhou LEI YUN SHANG Chain Pharmacy Co., Ltd has more than 50 stores under its jurisdiction. It has five “China Time-honored Brands” such as Songfentang, Wanghongzhu and Mutaishan, and 10 Jiangsu and Suzhou Time-honored Brands such as Tongbaochun, Lianglitang, Ningyuantang, Tianyisheng and Panziyi. Many new special pharmacies, community stores and convenience stores selling new integrated maternal and child commodities and daily necessities cover the entire Suzhou. It has become a rare pharmaceutical chain retailer that brings together many time-honored brands in China.

As a main channel for the service-oriented Chinese medicine industry, LEI YUN SHANG Chain Pharmacy has many skilled pharmaceutical workers and strong technical strength. It has been responsible for the formulation needs of the people of the city. It has more than 10 traditional Chinese medical centers including Wanghongzhu, Mutaishan, Songfentang and Tianyisheng, where prestigious Chinese physicians in the Wu Medical School of Internal Medicine, Gynaecology and Pediatrics of TCM are on duty throughout the year, which has become a major feature. The company operates more than 5,000 kinds of Chinese and Western medicines with high quality and reasonable price, especially the high-quality pieces of Chinese medicine, ginseng, cordyceps, cubilose, pilose antler and other valuable Chinese medicinal materials, winter nourishing cream, and prestigious Chinese physicians in the Wu Medical School on duty are famous in Suzhou.

In the Suzhou area, LEI YUN SHANG Chain Pharmacy has leading position and demonstration in the retail market and industry by relying on its brand recognition, Chinese medicine resources, formula, scale and quality of decoction pieces, intangible cultural heritage protection list of traditional processing techniques, skilled pharmaceutical professionals, quality assurance system for pieces of Chinese medicine, and it is able to provide quality Chinese medicine health services to the majority of Suzhou citizens.

Based on profound historical and cultural deposits and long Chinese medicine culture inheritance in Suzhou, LEI YUN SHANG Chain Pharmacy is dedicated to time-honored brand protection, inheritance and innovative development. It will give full play to the advantages of famous doctors, well-known medicines, techniques of intangible cultural heritage, time-honored brands, prestigious Chinese physicians on duty, special and scale development of Chinese medicine clinics, upgrade the time-honored brand stores, rebuild the core competitiveness, and speed up the growth of the enterprise.

As the president unit of Suzhou Association of Designated Pharmacies for Medical Insurance, the vice president unit of Suzhou Time-honored Brand Association, LEI YUN SHANG Chain Pharmacy has won many honorary titles, such as civilized unit, price credit unit, one of top 100 taxpayers, Suzhou AA-grade labor security credit rating unit, Suzhou demonstration pharmacy with consumer confidence, Suzhou star team providing service with user satisfaction, Suzhou recognized famous brand, Suzhou “civilized post on May Day” (team), consumer satisfaction unit, one of top ten enterprises with speical business and trade.

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