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Suzhou Leiyunshang Commercial Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Leiyunshang Commercial Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and is a subsidiary of Leiyunshang Group. The registered capital of the company is RMB 40 million, and it has 2,618 square meters of warehouses up to the requirements of GSP, including 906 square meters of finished product warehouse (including 30 square meters of cold storage), 819 square meters of warehouse for pieces of Chinese medicine, 583 square meters of equipment warehouse and 310 square meters of auxiliary area (including 90 square meters of office area). The warehouses are equipped with automatic temperature and humidity detection system, achieving real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the warehouses. In addition, it is also equipped with cold chain management system, refrigerated transport vehicles, cold storage tanks and temperature detectors, which effectively guarantees the implementation of cold chain management specifications.

The company has an independent, stable, safe and reliable computer management system. It has computer professionals who maintain and manage modern logistics facilities, equipment, computers and central processing systems, and can realize the control and management of whole process of purchase, acceptance, maintenance, storage and ex-warehouse, re-check, sales, lot number tracing, temperature and humidity display and regulation.

The company has built a health platform for business segments such as medicines, medical devices, pieces of Chinese medicine, biological products, software information, and healthy foods. The business scope includes Chinese patent medicine, Chinese medicinal materials, pieces of Chinese medicine, chemical preparations, antibiotic preparations, biological products, psychotropic substances (limited to the second category), and medical toxic drugs plus the second and third category of medical devices, medical software, equipment, implant materials, in vitro diagnostic reagents, pre-packaged food, and Chinese medicinal materials planting and health services.

At present, the sales network of Suzhou Leiyunshang Commercial Co., Ltd. covers the secondary and tertiary hospitals in Suzhou, and drugstore chains and large-scale social monomer drugstores in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other surrounding regions. It is a supplier of basic medicines and medical devices in Jiangsu Province. The company’s annual turnover has reached over 100 million, including the distribution of basic medicines, medical devices, OTC and allocation, wholesale and other services, and it mainly serves secondary and tertiary hospitals. The company has more than 500 upstream manufacturers, mainly providing clinical drug from domestic large-scale pharmaceutical companies and imported varieties of joint ventures. It can meet the needs of general customers.

Suzhou Leiyunshang Commercial Co., Ltd. has established a sound quality management system, standardizes the management in strict accordance with the new version of GSP, and strictly controls the quality of pharmaceutical products, so as to escort the compliance operation of the company.

In the new century, Suzhou Leiyunshang Commercial Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of “establishment for 100 years, quality-oriented, continuous improvement, striving for the top”. Under the correct guidance of China Grand Enterprises and Leiyunshang Group, the company will go all out and work hard, actively adapt to the new situation of medical reform, accept new market challenges, develop new ideas, strengthen compliance management, avoid capital risks, significantly enhance the company’s competitiveness and sustainable profitability, and provide higher quality and more efficient value-added services for upstream and downstream customers!

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