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Yunnan Leiyunshang Lixiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Leiyunshang Lixiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the only high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise in China that focuses on the research, development, production and sales of drugs for kidney diseases. Founded in 1996, the company is attached to China Grand Enterprises Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. It was merged into the “Leiyunshang” large Chinese medicine industry cluster in 2016 and became one of the backbone enterprises of Leiyunshang Group. The registered address of the company is No. 39 Huanxing Street, Kunming High-tech Industrial Base, Yunnan Province. It covers an area of 26,669.7 square meters, has registered capital of RMB 20.28 million and total assets of RMB 186.42 million by the end of 2018. The corporate headquarters has 170 employees and 436 sales personnel.

Natural drug composition works to benefit the patients generally. At present, the company has several production lines of natural drug extraction, capsules, tablets and granules, which have passed the national GMP certification. It is a national “high-tech enterprise”. The company mainly produces traditional Chinese medicine products for curing kidney diseases, which are represented by Shenshuaining Capsule (Tablet) in the variety of “National Medical Insurance and National Basic Medicines” and Xueniao’an Capsule in the variety of “National Medical Insurance Medicines”. The two kinds of medicines are widely used for urinary system diseases clinically. They are pure Chinese medicines for clinical first-line treatment specific to “early and middle stages of chronic renal failure and uremia” in chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and “hematuresis caused by disorders of urinary system”. The products meet the clinical needs in safety, effectiveness, economy, affordability, availability, compliance and suitability, and are widely recognized by medical workers and highly trusted by patients.

Science and technology are innovated and it is sophisticated in profession. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation, product research and development and evidence-based clinical application research. Over the years, the company has insisted on establishing good cooperative relations with renowned domestic nephropathy experts, national professional academic groups in nephropathy, academic committees, medical research institutions, colleges and universities and medical clinics, established “Yunnan Lixiang Nephropathy Research Institute” and “Yunnan Certified Enterprise Technology Center”, built a platform for product research and development, quality improvement, technological innovation and clinical application research of the company, and supported the company being sophisticated, professional, strong by relying on science and technology. At the same time, the company has a stable, efficient and dedicated marketing team. Its sales network covers 31 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. It has more than 40 offices, with products covering various major and medium-sized medical institutions in China. The sales income of Shenshuaining Capsule is more than RMB 200 million.

Forge ahead with honors. Over the years, the company has won various awards and prizes granted by the governments of Yunnan Province, Kunming City and other levels. It has successively been assessed as “small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprise in Yunnan Province”, “superior enterprise of intellectual property rights in Yunnan Province”, “provincial demonstration unit of Yunnan Quality Corridor”, “AAAAA credit enterprise in Yunnan Province”, one of “top 100 industrial enterprises and large taxpayers in Kunming Region”, “first-level honest and trustworthy unit of labor security” in Kunming and “enterprise with outstanding contribution in Kunming High-tech Zone”, “excellent enterprise of new industrialization construction” in Kunming High-tech Zone, and it has won the “certificate for ranking list of science and technology competitiveness of large Chinese medicine varieties” in pharmaceutical industry and the title of “the most popular pharmaceutical and medical brand enterprise” etc. Shenshuaining Capsule and Xueniao’an Capsule have been awarded the title of “Famous Brand Products of Yunnan Province” for consecutive years.

Yunnan Leiyunshang Lixiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. aims at creating a “first-class domestic and internationally renowned” professional pharmaceutical enterprise, adheres to honest management, strives to build the enterprise into “the best supplier of nephrology products in China”, upholds the health concept of “make health better”, becomes a revitalizer of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and contributes to the development of Chinese medicine business and human health.

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