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Company Profile of Shenyang Yaoda Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Yaoda Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. used to be a pharmaceutical factory of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University founded in 1958, is a modern joint-stock high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company joined in the health cluster of China Grand Enterprises in 2011 and was merged into Leiyunshang Group of China Grand Enterprises in 2014.

For the purpose of overall enterprise development and acceleration of industrial development, a joint decision was made by China Grand Enterprises and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University to relocate the whole company to Benxi City, Liaoning Province, the “Capital of Medicines in China”. In 2014, the company received GMP certification (new edition). In 2017, Antineoplastic Business Department of Leiyunshang Group was established and settled in Shenyang according to the strategic development plan of China Grand Enterprises in an attempt to fully integrate production and sales of all antineoplastic products in the group and establish a professional antineoplastic product sales platform. The company has more than 20 key antineoplastic products, such as brucea jananica oil injection, oxaliplatin, gemcitabine, hydroxycamptothecine, Tianchan capsule, brucea jananica oil oral emulsion, antike capsule, and Tianfoshen oral liquid.

Research and development and innovation

Brucea jananica oil injection, the first microemulsion anti-tumor traditional Chinese medicine injection independently researched, developed and produced by the company, has successively obtained the Second Prize of Provincial Award for Progress in Science and Technology, Gold Award for High-tech, National Protected Variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine, National Invention Patent and other awards and certificates.

The company has been rated as Provincial High-tech Enterprise for more than ten consecutive years since 1998 with four patents. The company won the Second Prize for Shenyang Patent Award in 2013 and the Third Prize for Shenyang Patent Award in 2014. From 2014 to 2016, the company undertook Liaoning Science and Technology Planning Project - “Industrialization of National Class III New Drug Bivalirudin for Injection”.

The company has stuck to the core development concept of innovative research and development, established industry-university-research cooperation platform with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University to research and develop high-end new antineoplastic drugs with clinical value. In the future, the company will conduct a research on all-round full-field high-end liposome. The company will form a unique advantage in technological research and development, technological innovation, achievement transformation and industrialization production so as to achieve the goal of enterprise transformation and science and technology advancement and drive sustainable enterprise development.

Production quality

At present, the company is capable of producing freeze-dried powder injection, small-volume injection, oral emulsion and other preparations. The company values quality, aims to satisfy market demands, pursue higher quality and satisfy customers, constantly optimizes and improves quality management system, improves company product quality and ensures safety and effectiveness of products.

Market sales

Antineoplastic Business Department of Leiyunshang Group has an improved marketing network; moreover, its sales team has strong fighting power and sense of competition; in addition, its sales network is spread over China. Being academic-oriented, the Department has conducted professional promotion and established good collaborative relationship with China Association of Chinese Medicine, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and other academic institutions.

Enterprise tenet

Based on the tenet of being a high-end pharmaceutical enterprise at home and abroad, the company has been dedicated to providing tumor diagnosis, treatment and ancillary drugs in accordance with racial characteristics and improving treatment satisfaction rate and survival rate for Chinese patients with tumors since its foundation.

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